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Now you can make a reservation for whale watching tour in mirissa through our web site. it's the easire way to get there.

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“The guys are friendly, accomodating and informative, but mostly they are determined to locate whales and dolphins during your outing. I loved watching the guys pay special attention to the children, making certain they had a chance to see. The snacks were a bonus. Sandwiches, fresh fruit, water.....all good!!”

“I had wanted to spot blue whales for the last five years and finally the day came. After reading the reviews however I felt almost worried about something is previously looked forward to! I don't understand how anyone can blame a your company for waves and sea sickness. We took precautions as I'm a pharmacist. Neither of us felt sick at all and within an hour we spotted a pod of around 20 whales. What a sight. It was incredible and something I'll never forget. The crew focused I on finding the whales but we're polite. They didn't seem to know much about the whales but to be fair I find experts on tours a distraction, out was nice to just watch them glide along and exhale a mountain of see spray. Awesome!”

“This company has the largest and likely newest boat (as of 2015) in the fleet, and cares a lot about safety. Starts at 0700, we came at 0600 to get nice seats on the top deck (0620 top deck was filled). Unlike some of the more worn-out boats, with people dangerously hanging around the boat edges in rough sea, this large boat has good seating places for everyone, and personnel instructs people to stay seated so everyone had a good view. We saw dozens of dolphins jumping, a large manta ray, flying fish, several large fin whales swimming for minutes along the boat, and one big blue whale - fantastic jaw-dropping experience! Sea is a bit rough with relatively high waves even in good weather, so if you tend to get seasick, take pills before you enter. Staff was friendly although they didn't explain much about the nature, we felt very safe. Food was actually very good, nice fresh sandwiches one with ham one with tuna after 1 1/2 hours + water bottler + juice and banana later on.”