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About Us

If you want to know about chaminda or whales tour in mirissa then you find all information through the this page. information about our team and boat also.


Sri Lanka has become the latest hotspots for the Blue whale, the largest Animal on earth and the heaviest to ever existed on earth.

Mirissa is considered a top spot in the world for watching blue, sperm and killer whales. This is the most popular of the three Whale Watching locations in Sri Lanka probably due to the beautiful beaches and more organized whale watching infrastructure in the area.

Other infrastructure and activities required to function as a tourist destination is also been more developed in Mirissa compared to the other 2 locations.

The whale watching season for Mirissa is November to April peaking in around December to April. Some operators will claim a strike rate of over 90% at the peak. Number of tour operators offer variety of packages with average times of 3-6 hours of sailing.

Cost and facilities also vary from operator to operator, so before jumping in to cheapest ride make sure atleast minimum safety is ensured in the boat you ride.


We provide you a life time experience about whale watching with our professional Event Operators and assistance operators help you great Hospitability.

The crew members are qualified and have been awarded national coxswain license for marine tour. Our crew is well equipped professional life saving and first aid team on boat.

The team is well aware of each type of whales. The vessel is equipped with marine compass satellite communication to transmit information with other sail boat and constant contact with land.

If you have any doubts about our tours, prices please feel to contact us. Press Book Now button and have enjoy-full whale watching tour in mirissa.



Our luxury boat has 120 seats capacity Trimaran purposely built and kitted out with all the necessary safety devices including compass, GPS, nautical charts and UHF radio.

The boat is equipped with a kitchen – where your fresh breakfast will be prepared, a comfortable bathroom and lots of comfortable seating areas.

Lifejackets for every size and age are kept aboard for our whale-watching passengers.

The boat is suitable for people in a wheelchair. chill out place in boat upstairs for enjoying the tour with more fun.


Our boat departs Mirissa harbour at 7:00 am. Check in is at 6:00 - 6.30 am in mirissa fishery harbor.

Trip duration varies daily, depending on where we find the whales and how far we have to go. This means, it will normally takes 3 hours.some times the round trip takes 4-5 hours.

We never turn back the boat untill you see the whales. if you couldn't watch the whales on your day we offer you a free tour for next day.

About the whales and dolphins in mirissa

The whale watching season in Sri Lanka runs from from November to April / May, as during the rest of the year.

The best place to spot whales is in Mirissa, a small tourist town on Sri Lanka’s south coast, popular for surfing and famous for whale watching in mirissa you can see many kinds of whales like blue whales, sperm whales, fin whales, killer whales and many more.

Also you can see many kinds of dolphins in here like spinner dolphin, rissos dolphin, striped dolphin and bottlenose dolphin in miriss you can see blue whales all over the year, because mirissa is the one of the world famous place for blue whales.

sometimes you will think why those whales are living only in mirissa coastal area, because they have enough foods on there.

Blue whales makes there babies in mirissa coastal area. also the humpback whales are little rare to see in mirissa area, but sometimes you can see them.